Magnetic pop-up display systems adds high impact and pizzazz to any presentation or exhibition stand.Pop Up displays provide maximum portability. A standard 3m backwall with lights and case to counter conversion will pack into one wheeled case. In addition to straight and curved pop-up displays it is possible to create a range of configurations for presentations and exhibitions.

Available in Straight or Curved configurations. Curved display deploy as a mild curve and give added impact. No hangers ,complete magnetic system.

Portable Exhibition Solution

Popups are unique portable units and easily compacted in a trolley bag, airbag etc. These are reusable units with changes in prints for multiple usage across varied range of campaigns for the clients. A single time investment with extensive usage for the display requirement. These are available in curved and straight system and easily configured in various sizes

Standard Sizes of the popups are

1×3 Magnetic Popup
2×3 Magnetic Popup
3×3 Magnetic Popup
4×3 Magnetic Popup
Custom sized Magnetic Popup

Easy to connect these units for form a larger display setup for exhibitions

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